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The European Juggling Association  - 28th European Juggling Convention in Ptuj, Slovenia.  - 29th European Juggling Convention in Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland.   - The EJC 2008 Germany - EJC2009 Basque - EJC2010 Finland - BJC2010 Huddersfield  - The Kaskade: the world's most important juggling magazine!

Everything about juggling  Torino International Festival of Street Theatre

NoFit State Circus - the best name ever in circus and the UK's flagship touring contemporary circus - Don't Watch Be Seen. Fabulous videos of juggers and performers. Join up before it gets too well known! - Howie's site - for all things VJ, video production, yo-yo, juggling video and stuff - Matt Hennmen. Quality Photographer and Juggler  - The Green Roadshow


Toby Philpott - the great inspirer and wise man



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